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The Organization's Name & Logo


The Establishment of the Organization

The organization was established with the name "Hope, Peace, and Joy - Iraq" in 2004 and was registered by the Ministry of Planning with number (1I17285) on 10/Aug/2004. The organization received its license from the office of NGO Assistantship with same registration number and sequence 431 on 18/Mar/2008.
And in 2013 the name of the organization was changed to: Al Raja & Al Salam for Civil Rights

The Nature of the Organization

It is a non-governmental organization that is financially and morally independent and operates in the humanitarian and educational fields and participates with other local and international organizations in building the Iraqi society.

The Vision of the Organization

The organization participates in building a society of justice, equality, and law dominion that calls to reject discrimination and distribute love and tries to help the community in the humanitarian and educational fields.

The Goal of the Organization

The organization aims to achieve two main goals:

  • Humanitarian goal: we aim to support any citizen who needs help with no distinction to his/her gender, nationality, or religious belief.
  • Educational goal: participating in raising the educational spirit of the Iraqi society that, in turn, works on building and developing the human being.

The Specialties of the Organization

  1. Humanitarian and emergency aid
  2. Medical aid
  3. Conducting educational and training conferences and workshops
  4. Providing humanitarian and educational attention for children
  5. Taking interest in women and supporting their case
  6. Taking interest in the youth and developing their capabilities