1. The organization has distributed food stuff as rations according to the ration card for poor families ,widows and divorced females to about 70 thousand families since 2004 and till 2007 , with the support of GAIN.
  2. It has distributed medical juice for children to the orphanages in the provinces and some of the primary schools from 2004 – 2008 , donated from GAIN .
  3. We participated to decrease the health problems for children who suffer from malnutrition by distributing during 4 years about 60 tons of rice soup fortified with vitamins to many of the provinces such as Kirkuk ,Erbil , Baghdad , Babil , Diwaniah , Najaf and Karbala.
  4. During the suffering years , we have participated to distribute food stuff and rations to the families who displaced to Babil province to reduce their suffering.