Medical Aid
  1. Our organization has a medical mobile clinic, serving the poor families. The mobile clinic has many medical specialties as: Ophthalmologist, Dentist, Physician and pediatrician, Gynecologist, laboratory and a pharmacy. All services free.
    Monthly we serve about 572 patients.
    Places we serve:
    • Erbil (camps)
    • Qaraqush
    • Karamless
    • Bartilla
    • Camps outside of Erbil
  2. The organization has distributed medical beds for patients and medical requirements to the hospitals in the provinces in 2004 – 2005.
    • Madinat Al-Tib hospital / Baghdad
    • Ibn Al-Qitin hospital / Baghdad
    • Al-Yarmook hospital / Baghdad
    • Wasit hospital / Wasit
    • Al-Husseini hospital /Karbala
    • Al-Hindiah hospital /Karbala
    • Mirjan hospital /Babil
    • Al-Hillah teaching hospital/Babil
    • Pediatric and maternity hospital /Babil
    • Al-Neel clinic /Babil
    • Al-Zahra'a medical complex /Babil
    • Supply medical materials to Karkuk general hospital
  3. In order to decrease the suffering of people with special needs , the organization has distributed during 2 years about 500 wheel chairs and 750 crutches in the provinces of middle and south of Iraq and with the support of GAIN and some charities who took part in the organization activities.
  4. In 2005 , We have visited Al-Hanan house for people with special needs in Karbala province to be aware of their healthy and psychological conditions and provide them with food stuff ,healthy requirements , clothes and some medications that used for them under the supervision of the house manager.
  5. Our organization donated many of scientific bulletins , medical books and laboratory devices to Karbala university in 2005.
  6. In order to participate in decreasing part of their suffering of water shortage , the organization was laid water pipes networks to about 200 families in Al-Bazool village – Al-Kifil sub district , with the support of MRDS and laid another pipes network for about 1500 families in one of Dhi-Qar villages with the support of some charities .