1. Our organization holds Christmas parties and invites poor children to this parties. The party includes Entertainment, Music, Toys and Puppet theater, in addition to distributing gifts to children. In addition to helps the poor one with school kit supplies and school bags.
    Children we serve:
    • Ainkawa (Iraqi IDP’s)
    • Ainkawa (Syrian refugees)
    • Qaraqush and Bartilla
  2. The organization was held the first drawing festival at the artists syndicate hall in Babil with the coordination of the general directorate of Babil education . The pupils of deaf-mute institution and Al-Raja'a institution as well as the students of a group of the province schools (for boys and girls) have participated in that festival in 2004.
  3. Distribute gifts to kindergartens, orphanages and disabled children from 2004 till 2006, the distribution included about 50 nurseries and kindergartens in Babil, Karbala Diwaniah provinces with the cooperation of many of civil society organizations .
  4. From 2005-till 2010 , it has conducted 7 summer camps for pupils (7-12 years) , the camps programs included many of programs and activities such as drawing , sports and give them educational lectures to contribute in building the child character and in developing the cooperation spirit , participation and working as a team . The camp duration was for a month during the summer time, 50 pupils participated in each camp (males and females), and these camps were conducted with the cooperation of GAIN.
  5. It distributed shoes for many of children in the villages of Babil province in 2009.
  6. It held many of drawing fairs for pupils who have joined the summer camps.
  7. In order widen the work in many of the provinces , the organization has held an alliance with many of the organizations such as Lovely for orphans organization and the organization of applying the democracy and human rights in Al-Diwaniah .its name was the alliance of love and peace.
  8. Throughout the alliances made by hope , peace and Joy - Iraq, it has participated with Lovely for orphans organization many of questionnaires conducted by Lovely for orphans organization in Babil which is concerned in defending children.