Community and Youth
  1. Our organization holds monthly meetings for youth (18-35) years old, these meetings include awareness and educational in addition to entertainment, and everything related to young people.
    Places we serve:
    1. Harsham camp (Erbil)
    2. Iraqi IDP’s
    3. Syrian Refugees
  2. On 2005 ,at the organization hall , the organization held a public session for the inhabitants of Nadir and Al-Ameer 3 neighborhood on the importance of participating in the elections.
  3. The organization participated in the electoral monitoring program for 2005 elections, by a support of Ein network for monitoring elections.
  4. On 2006 , in a number of areas the organization held a number of popular educational sessions on the role and duties of the Council of Representatives as follows:-
    • 3 sessions in Al-Shomali area
    • 3 sessions in Al-Raranjiyah area
    • 3 sessions in Al-Majariyah area
    • 3 sessions in the farmers location in Al-Mualeemean neighborhood.
    • 2 sessions in Ibrahim AL-Khaleel area
    • 3 sessions in Abi Gharak area
    • 3 sessions in AL-Kifel area
  5. The organization held educational symposiums to clarify the constitutional draft with the collaboration the regional ambassadors organization and the support of NDI in a number of rural areas in Babil in 2006, as listed below :-
    • 3 symposiums in Al-Raranjiyah area
    • 3 symposiums in Al-Majariyah area
    • 3 symposiums in Abi Gharak area
  6. On 2007 ,the organization held educational symposiums to urge the youth to actively participate in the political process and activate their role in the political wheel process
  7. The organization held educational symposiums on the political process and introduce its norms to the rural society urging them to effectively and strongly participate in it.
  8. Contributing in founding the youth fund and participating in AL-Sulaimaniyah and Arbil conferences in 2008, where a large number of CSOs participated in these conferences as well as CSOs in Kurdistan region.
  9. On 2009, holding educational and awareness sessions on the provincial council elections. 20 session in Al-Kifel district for 10 days. Those session were funded by the NDI.
  10. Holding 50 educational and awareness sessions on the 2010CoR elections. Those session were funded by the NDI.
  11. Currently the organization is conducting one year program " Building youth political capacities'. This program is funded by the NED.
  12. At HPJ's main office and with the participation of a number of the citizenship society organizations, HPJ arranged two peaceful strikes; the first was held on 7/Sep/2010, and the second on 7/Oct/2010. The participating organizations demanded the winning parties in the Iraqi elections to hurry up in assembling the new government. Moreover, the organizations filed a lawsuit at the united court against the oldest member in the Iraqi Parliament because he kept the meeting open, which is against the Iraqi constitution.